Talent is one of the most elemental assets that facilitate the success of any organization, however big or small. No business can prosper without remarkable talent, since it cannot explore market opportunities, raise capital, create revolutionary products or deliver customer delight. The process of attracting, sourcing, recruiting and hiring skilled human resources in alignment to various organizational needs and to successfully fulfill project requirements is known as talent acquisition. This includes the constitution of outreach, employment branding, networking and building relationship with potential candidates to continuously develop and enhance an organization’s talent pool.

Crossmind can help your business by providing various tools, processes, talents and guidance to gain a competitive edge through proactive talent acquisition services and solutions. We are skilled in candidate assessment, corporate hiring initiatives, sourcing tactics, employment branding practices, compliance and hiring standards.

“Surround yourself with the best people you can find, delegate authority, and don’t interfere as long as the policy you’ve decided upon is being carried out.”
Ronald Reagan

Our Process – Selection and Retention

Technological advancement and socio-economic evolution across the world are some of the key determinants that are leading to new challenges at the workplace. And some of these deterrents can be easily mitigated through the effectiveness of performance and enhanced return on investments. Consequently, the hiring and retention of excellent workforce is extremely critical to any organization. The reasons are as follows:

» Low talent retention results in substantial depletion of corporate resources
» Leaders are required to be aware of workable practices and should focus on the retention and motivation of their talented workforce
» Top performers drive business performance

And, the selection and retention of the right talent can be a challenge for any organization.

At Crossmind, we help you realize your business goals through competitive talent acquisition and retention. Our talent management strategy is based on effective network building, seeking and identifying mentors and helping the workforce grow and develop by staying connected and engaged. We are also equipped with the following skills:

» Awareness of legal aspects before and during employment
» Craft effective talent acquisition strategy
» Design efficient recruitment plans to attract best talents
» Assess success-rate enhancement
» Create retention culture

Regulated Assessment
Talent Acquisition has extended beyond the realms and is now more about the long-term impact of the selected talent. The process involves novel approaches to hire, manage and retain such talent in the organization. And it is essential to optimize the process of hiring life cycle right from sourcing to on-boarding.

At Crossmind, we follow a routine and regulated assessment process that entails a thorough appraisal of the candidate ensuring an effective hire. Our regulated assessment process is as follows:

Pre-employment Screening: We target specific requirements in alignment with needs the organization by measuring definite eligibility factors that is time-saving and cost effective, as well. After ranking the applicants as per the eligibility match we further review the short-listed candidates and ensure highly informed recruiting and hiring decisions.

Behavioral Assessment: This stage ensures that a candidate’s behavioral competencies are in tandem with his/her job role in the organization. Our assessment technique also helps to identify the strengths of a potential candidate, thereby analyzing their true nature and the willingness to grow with the organization.

Unique Techniques: We believe that all individuals are different and unique. There are differences in demographics, intelligence emotional quotient and comprehension abilities. Hence our techniques for assessing, sourcing and hiring each potential candidate is customized through the use of established methods. Yet, our approach provides an edge over the others due to our involvement in comprehending the communication and learning styles, thereby contributing towards the enhancement of your organization’s cultural values.

Enhanced Interviewing: Our enhanced interviewing techniques helps to transform a candidate’s experience by focusing on mutual needs rather than emphasizing on the needs of the organization. This helps to forge a sense of trust and create a bond between an employer and its employee right at the beginning, thus paving the road to effective service and retention.

Professional background checks:
The process of talent acquisition that involves assessing, sourcing and selection would be deemed incomplete and prove costly for an organization, without an exhaustive background verification. It is crucial to validate and corroborate all the information provided by a potential candidate to ensure a correct hiring process. Here are some of the ways, in which background check can ensure an effective talent acquisition:

Verify Credentials:
Often applicants lie in their resume to create an attractive profile in alignment with the requirements of a potential employer. Establishing the veracity of this information can help in the process of sourcing the right talent.

Reduces cost of attrition:
A bad hire, could prove to be costly, and time consuming, not to mention the operational risks that it brings along. The cycle of attrition and re-hire is an expensive one and could also damage the reputation of your company as that of a trustworthy employer. Background screening ensures the reduction in attrition rate, as well as improves the quality of hires by making informed decisions through the analysis of various factors.

Reduces workplace risk:
The selection of a candidate with a clean record ensures a conducive environment at the workplace. Thus background screening is an important factor that brings out the detrimental flaws of a candidate profile thereby reducing the risk of workplace chaos.

Upholds reputation of the company:
The recruitment of the right employee automatically helps to enhance the workplace environment. The skills and qualities of such a candidate can only help to ensure better performance, thereby adding to the positive reputation of the organization.

Despite the importance of the background verification process, one must remember to act with caution. There are limits to the probing into an individual’s limit and unnecessary discriminatory decisions may lead to a legal battle. At Crossmind, we understand the need to respect the privacy of each applicant. Our professional screening process is exhaustive and yet, non-intrusive, thereby building an effective talent acquisition model.