“People act in ways to maximize their self-interest within a company, so create incentives that align employee’s objectives with the organization’s mission statement. Reward compliance with core values as much as profitability, especially in the face of competitive pressures.”
Kent Alan Robinson

The continuous effort of identifying, attracting and screening potential employees amidst intense business operational complexities is a challenging task for HR departments of most companies.

At Crossmind, our innovative solutions, such as HR management, payroll and benefits administration are customized to enable organizations to meet the challenges of the fast-paced business environment. We also help to address various employment issues, and also provide the necessary administrative management support, thereby enabling organizations to raise their productivity through cost effective measures, improved quality and efficiency.

Our Broad-Based HR advisory services offer:

» Salary surveys and bench-marking
Assess and evaluate the current level of salary restructure for the staff working at different levels in your organization; review and revision of current pay range associated with each level.

» Design of appropriate performance management systems
We will design an effective system to enable you to monitor the performance of the employees and monitor the contribution to the overall organization goals and objectives.

» Formation of policies and procedures
At Crossmind, we collaborate with your organization to identify the needs and gather the required information and draft the policies and procedures. These are discussed with the impacted stakeholders and implemented.

» Reward and Recognition Strategies
Work motivation has always been focused on a positive approach and efforts to humanize the workplace and re-evaluate strategies has increased rapidly. We will help you examine and mitigate gaps and recommend programmes to focus on motivation and job satisfaction.

» Introduction and orientation to the region
The sub-conscious action of human beings organizing and interacting on the basis of their expectations, experiences and self-beliefs with others and their shared context is termed as culture. At Crossmind, we help to comprehend and imbibe these cultural values ensuring the effectiveness of the workforce performance through the implementation of different approaches.

» Compensation and benefits
We will conduct comprehensive review of different components of compensation within the organization, determine various market factors and assess salary structure of desired comparators and monitor internal equity versus external equity to determine the compensation guidelines.

» Establishment of employee contracts
An employment contract is considered to be the fundamentals of a professional relationship between an employer and employee. At Crossmind, we enjoy the expertise of drawing up such contracts, thereby protecting the interests of both the employer and employee, without bias.

“Human resources are like natural resources; they’re often buried deep. You have to go looking for them, they’re not just lying around on the surface. You have to create the circumstances where they show themselves.”
Ken Robinson